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Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Wash Ultra Review || Ultra Radiance

Hello My Beautiful Lovely Ladies ---

Today I am going to review on Jovees product. Jovees product are really good for skin.But before giving about this product let me give you about short note about Jovees Company.

 About Jovees Company --

Jovees Herbal Care India Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 26 Nov, 1998. 

Jovees is a herbal cosmetic brand which was launched in India in 2004 with a range of herbal skin care, hair care and cosmetic products. ... The natural and organic products used in the products yields the ultimate outcome – Beautiful and Younger looking skin. Jovees is an Indian herbal brand where natural herbs meet the power of science. The brand offers an array of herbal and ayurvedic product .

JOVEES journey started in September 2004 with 24 products. Today, JOVEES has in its portfolio 125 Skin, Hair and Body Care products spanning 175 SKUs, available at all leading stores across India. These products are researched, developed and produced at the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing units at Noida and Rudrapur.

Why I Choose Jovees Product-- 


I was looking Face wash and as always i try mostly face wash so that i can  share my experience to you guys.. I bought this online shopping website. within 7 days i got my product. 

Though I am not bride but i use to try product on my skin/Face. The first impression was that attract me is that it's beautiful packaging, which is really good. I gave this a try to get a radiant glow on my skin. Now, let’s get into the details of the Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Wash.Yes , even if you are not a bride to be, you can try this.

If you want to know if this products really worked then keep reading and then buy ...

Product Description --

Jovees Bridal Face Wash is enriched with high quality natural plant, fruit and herbal extracts that eliminates all traces of impurities, prevents dryness and replenishes the skin with moisture for a genuine feeling of well-being. An effective daily use face wash that helps you discover the clear, radiant, even and brighter complexion.

Features -- 

Gives even and brighter looking skin
Makes skin soft and supple
Adds a healthy glow
Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients --

Cherry Fruit Juice, Bearberry Fruit Juice, Mulberry Fruit Juice, Kiwi Fruit Juice, Honeyberry Fruit Juice, Orange Pulp Extract, Cantaloupe Fruit Juice, Glycerin.
Price -- 245/

Availability -- Nykaa / Amazon / Flipkart 

How to use -- 

Moisten face , Squeeze out sufficient amount on your palm.

Massage  gently on the face and neck.

Rinse well and pat dry.

Recommended for -- All skin types  

My Experiment with Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Wash --

The first thing i like packing ...looks very nice after saw this lovey packing i added this in my shopping cart.

It's comes with pretty red tube with golden cap that secures the product perfect. you can easily carry in your makeup kit or sack. one thing that i don't like that is it's screw cap which is not not .The entire process of taking out the cleanser and closing the cap becomes messy.

The face wash has strong floral smell once you use this you can smell it ...very nice smell like rose.

How's The Color --

The Jovees bridal face wash color is orange  with glitter / sparkles in them. This is gel based face wash . this is the first time i was used this type face wash and i really like this.

It's texture is medium and glides so well on skin. A coin size amount is enough to create a lot of lather but take little time to rinse.Though it looks shiny, but after you rub it on your hands, it never feels shimmery.

My experience after using face wash -- 

 As i already said this is gel based face wash so it doesn't foam alot but cleans very well. if you have sensitive skin , can use this with out no doubt. it cleans my skin deeply .it also keeps skin oil free. it provides decent hydration to skin but hydration is not enough for dry skin. you need to use moisturizer after using this.

It gives my skin a clear look and instantly makes my face brighter which I totally love it, though it last just for an hour or so. The ingredient list looks so promising. vitamin C is much needed by the skin to make it look brighter and even tone. This face wash has the juice of different berries which are a rich source of vitamin C.

What It Claims -- 

Its claims to make skin bright and it does its job perfectly. Its gives you a fresh look still i am using this.its powerful ingredients pull out the impurities from the pores and clean deeply which is very good. 

Overall , According to me i am using this every day . i love this very much . talking about its fragrance , face wash every thing is good though it is quite costly compare to other face wash but still i like to continue to use this.

Pros of Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Wash --

 Nice packaging.
 Beautiful floral fragrance.
 Smooth texture that lathers well.
 Requires coin size amount.
 Deep cleans skin and removes dirt & impurities.
 Removes excess oil from face & provides matte look.
 Decently hydrates oily skin.
 Skin appears smoother, softer & healthier.
 Erases dullness keeps your skin fresh.
 Provides a bright radiant glow to the skin.
 Suits sensitive skin.

Cons of Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Wash:

 Those who do not like strong smell ,might feel a bit strong for some.
 Not enough hydration for dry skin.
 Skin needs immediate moisturisation during the dry season.
 Difficult to control the product flow. 

 I hope you guys like my post .....for more product reviews keep reading....
Also let me know if you want any products reviews....

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